Mother saves life of “dead” son moments before cremation.

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Tears spotted in the eyes of teenage boy declared dead caused his mother to save his life moments before he was due to be cremated.

Although he was being officially declared dead my doctors after he slipped into a coma, Gandham Kiran’s mum wanted him to have his last breath at home

His coma was as a result of contracting hepatitis thus making the doctors predict the worst.
It was at the point when the mother was wrapping her 18-year-old son with a funeral cloth, when she noticed tears falling from the corner of his eyes.

Out of shock, she alerted her relatives, who immediately called a local medical practitioner.

He told us that my son’s pulse was still beating and appreciated us for not removing the ventilator.

After three days, Kiran slowly recovered consciousness and started talking but it was in low tones. He was discharged on Sunday and we are continuing the treatment as per the doctors’ advice.” _his mother revealed.

Kiran had been admitted to a government hospital from the village of Pillalamarri in Telangana state,India on Wednesday, June 26 with a raging fever and vomiting.

He was transferred to another hospital after his condition worsened. There he went into a coma a week later, on Wednesday, July 3.
The young man’s life was saved by the decision of his mother, not to turn off the life support but to take it along to grant him his last breath at home.

Family and friends had gathered to pay their respects when she suddenly spotted the tears amid preparations for the cremation ceremony.


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