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Meet One Of Ghanaian Arts’ Finest Gem, Portia Aba Ennin; #WOA EP 10

Written by The Haymaker

Over the past 9 weeks, we have celebrated women in various aspects of arts and had them share with us how it is to live in their worlds.

For our tenth week, we have the honor of having a very young and energetic woman, who has combines different angles of arts into the embodiment of one. Enjoy the conversation.

Who are you? as in your real name, stage name relative to what you do, and what you do as an art in details.

Well, Portia Aba Ennin is my name and PORTITO as my stage name. I’m a model, actress, a cultural dancer and a video vixen. I was born in Saltpond where I started my basic education and continued in Cape Coast at Wesley Girls’ Basic School, Sammo Senior High school where I studied General Art and then College of Distance Education, University of Cape Coast studying Diploma in Psychology and Foundations of Education. However, I ended the course to pursue my passion because I felt I belong to the entertainment industry and the course was not going to help me with regards to that.

*When did it all begin for you, and how did it start?

It all started back in school day. I was involved in everything associated with entertainment.
In 2016, I went for an audition by a certain Production in Cape Coast and I was given a role in a women empowerment TV series titled ”DETERMINED” which was shown on Zylofon TV and that was where my acting career began.
With regards to my modeling career, I joined Face G Model Agency where I got the chance to feature in music videos till date and African Foundation Dance Theatre (AFODAT) which has also given me exposure.

*What was your inspiration for starting and has it changed over time?

Actually, I love what I do because I have passion for them. They make me happy and that was my inspiration for starting and it will always be.

*How has the journey been so far?

The journey hasn’t been easy but good aside everything.

*What impact has/is your work had/having on society?

I’m not the best person to say this but the people in the society because I’m like a salt and I don’t praise myself.

*What is the current state of the arts industry from your perspective as an actress, dancer or model?

The current state of the art industry is good and promising from my perspective as a dancer,model and actress .

*Are women appreciated in our arts space? Comment extensively if possible on the state of women in arts.

We are not appreciated in the art industry and I just don’t understand. The society support male artists more than females. Just compare female football teams to that of the male.

*Looking back, do you regret ever embarking on this journey?


*Any setbacks in your field of endeavor and how you think it can be overcome?

In my field, my setback has always been sexual harassment and not being under management.

*What are the plans going forward for you as an artist?

My major plan is to be known worldwide.

*Any other things you would like the general public to know about women in arts

All I will tell my fellow women and whoever in art is NEVER GIVE UP! no matter what.

Follow Portia on social media attracting via the following handles, Facebook : Portito gh
Instagram : Portito_gh

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