~~ “The light of a candle is easy but ute meeting is of a tale that last patience”. Congratulations Poet for winning thishonorary award. Can you tell us your name and brief educational background?

Born Solomon Tetteh Adusu but prefer my indigenous name, Nene Tetteh Adusu as my grandmother called me. I had my junior high school education at Lerato Preparatory school then went to Accra Academy then to the University of Cape Coast where I majored in Theatre Studies.

~~ Ever dreamt of becoming a poet, Mr. Adusu? And how far has the journey been with poetry?

Dreamt? Woow. I did dream of becoming many things and being a poet i must confess was surreal in my dream. I did dream of doing art and its evident the art of poetry is one. Started doing poetry in high school but it was on the low. I was searching myself and studying during that period till i got to the university.

~~ What has been the inspiration in writing poetry?

I believe in the potency of words. The ability of words to erect a universe like ours and even create all that we see is enough inspiration to me. To use words to transform, teach…. Everything and nothing inspires my poetry.

~~ Why not any other genre but poetry?

I do not do only poetry. I’m a dramatist, a playwright and an essayist as well.
**wow…that’s great!

~~ Were you expecting to win any of this noble honorary award?

I was not expecting to win any of the honorary awards but like the saying that postulates that, one  gives honour where its due humbles me to claim the honour. I don’t like keeping high hopes because i believe  rewards come deservingly.

~~ Poet Nene, how far has poetry transformed your life?

This questions is one that makes me search for words to answer. Poetry kept me company when i was alone in my solitude. It gave me an outlet for my thoughts and emotion.. poetry made me a thinker… that’s what i can gather for you now.

~~ Does poetry in our parts of the world (Africa) get enough support?

I cannot speak for Africa because some do get the needed support. However, i can speak of Ghana. What is keeping poetry active here is the passion of the poets. As to support, what support exactly? If I’m to note any support which is not enough to water our poetry, it will be the support from poetry groups, from P.O.E.T.S, Ehalakasa, Rainmakers and the like. I however hear of some product support from companies but i do hold that, its simply not enough.

~~How best has social media help in your poetry writings?

Social media has provided me with a wide readership. As to how it has boosted my writings, it has presented me with some critics who appreciate my poetry. Such appreciations   provide me with varied views which helps me to
Shape the poems if need be.

~~ What have been some of the challenges so far as a poet?

I do see challenges but I do not acknowledge them once I find my way around them. I jokingly do say that, I hate to see challenge feel so big. But let me acknowledge one here. The difficulty in getting a publisher and not a printer. That is one I’m  finding a way around still.

~~ What comments can you make to those who have supported you thus far?

Should my lips say thanks only
My being will jitter for its not enough
My heart I carry to their feet
as sincere GRATITUDE
Bellowing beneath their feet!
that’s what I say to them always!