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Meet Happy Bruce, The Exceptional Pencil Artist & Painter From Ghana ; #WOA EP 4

Written by The Haymaker

Welcome to the next chapter of the Women Of Arts special feature on mchaymaker.com where we celebrate the works of women in the world of arts. Lets dive right in now.

Before we get to the main dish, can you kindly tell who you are? your real name, stage name relative to what you do, and what you do as art in details.

Hello everyone, I am Happy Bruce from Ghana; a Pencil Artist and Painter and developed skills in Performing Arts, Nail Care and Public Speaking. I am a Mastercard Foundation Scholar with a Bachelors Degree in Medical Laboratory Science from the University of Cape Coast.
I am a currently a Portrait Artist and hope to work on some abstract works in time.

When did it all begin for you, and how did it start?

Inspired by the works of Nathan Deiter (Natepencil) in my second year in tertiary, I met up with him to talk extensively on how feasible it will be for me to be able to do what he does. Fast forward, in no later than three weeks I was guided to make my first portrait. Natepencil has been a constant source of motivation in this journey I must admit.

How much of a roller coaster has the journey been so far?

Well, it has been a bit challenging, time demanding and frustrating at times when you are unable to achieve the perfection you seek and most of all fulfilling with each finished piece.

What impact has/is your work had/having on society?

I am currently coaching 10 aspiring artists to unearth and polish their talents in arts and transform it into a profitable sideline business. In time they should be able to create and promote artworks ranging from paintings, drawings, prints among others.
I see this as an opportunity to plough back benefits to my society by assisting others to not only develop a career in arts but also giving them a voice; a path to unleash imaginations and free self-expression on matters of social and political concern. I believe this is my quota in job creation, economic access and improved mental health.

What is the current state of the art industry from your perspective as a pencil artist or painter?

I believe the industry is promising because contemporary arts has become a considerable growth sector of a country’s economy, as the number of traded artworks increases and this trend is not expected to slow down.
The market for artworks has continued to soar from generation to generation because people still appreciate the arts.

Would you agree that women appreciated in our art space? Comment extensively if possible on the state of women in arts.

Sure thing! The few women in this space can attest to the fact that the arts industry goes beyond looking down on women or condoning gender inequality. As a matter of fact, a woman who knows her way around arts is open to more opportunities than their male counterparts . Agencies and Organizations such as Impact Fund For African Creatives (IFFAC), Network of Women In Growth (NEWIG) Ghana and Women Of Arts (WOA) are doing an amazing job working tirelessly to spotlight and support women in the field of Arts.

Looking back, do you regret ever embarking on this journey?

No regrets at all. It’s been a pleasant discovery!

Any setbacks in your field of endeavor and how you think it can be overcome?

Talk of setbacks, there are just a few outlets in Ghana that deal with art goods. On most occasions, we have to order our tools from abroad and the cost and time taken for it to arrive are sometimes disappointing. More agencies could take it up and make available a wide variety of quality art tools in the Ghanaian Market.
Some clients despite their quest for quality artworks are tempted to bargain with artists for the cost of the works, and some quark and so-called artists do not go through through the process, some just make a print out the client’s picture in black and white, get it framed and let it goes at the cost. This is unacceptable!.
Clients on comparing prices will complain about the charges by genuine artists and not patronize theirs.
To upcoming artists; take time and perfect the craft, lets put in more time and produce quality and legit artworks; if you make money making the center of focus you will end up not satisfying clients. If we are to promote arts and crafts in our part of the world these setbacks should be addressed.

Any other things you would like the general public to know about women in arts?

Let’s appreciate and promote women in any field of arts. They need that motivation

Talking to Happy Bruce has been fun, educative, Informative and refreshing, that is what Women Of Arts are made of. Thank you for being part of this special project.

To get yourself a nice painting, Follow her on Facebook: @Aida Bruce Instagram: @happy7bruce Twitter: @Happy Bruce Whatsapp: 024 225 3326. Or Email her via happybruce20@gmail.com

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