Why You Should Know About Lucky Numbers

It is believed that the numbers we see around us carry some sought of significance in our lives, some are considered to be lucky numbers that brings us good fortunes while some others are seen us being carriers of bad omen.

Various religions have propounded meanings into numbers and how individuals can identify their lucky numbers. For those in the football fraternity, some numbers are seen as being special and unique. Numbers like 7 and 10 in football are seen as being the greater ones.

Chinese Number Meanings

According to the Chinese tradition, numbers 6,8,9 are seen as the luckiest numbers of all. They explain that the number 6 stands for “smooth and well-being.
To the people of China, it is a symbol of smoothness and uninterrupted actions or activities. 8 means wealth and good fortune to the people of China, to this effect, businesses are most likely to be associated with this number as well as the general citizenry.
For longevity, everlasting and eternal effects, the Chinese culture associates the number 9. This is stretched across the entire culture of the Chinese people. It’s the most associated number with the Emperor of China, some too use it to represent eternal love by making it double or triple.

Greek Lucky Number:

For the Greeks, the number 7 seems to be the most auspicious number and that they belive that it is not for any reason that the number & is linked to virtually every important aspect of their life.
Days of the week 7
Wonders of the world 7
Veils of Goddess Isis 7
Days of creation 7
Musical notes 7
Colours of the rainbow 7
Continents 7


Based on this, you can therefore conclude that indeed the number 7 is a very important number to the people of Greece. They therefore are very likely to associate their dealings with uch number.
Number 14 which is 7+7 is also seen as a number of luck, that is like a double portion of the special number.

How To Find Your Lucky Number

This is a question asked on different platforms every now and then. Individuals want to know which number is so special to their lives. Wikihow, has sought to explain various ways to find you special or lucky number.

Example in finding your life path number, you need to use your date of birth. You need to reduce the various numbers to get three major numbers.

Example 14/11/1994 is calculated this way
Month= 11= 1+1= 2   Day= 14= 1+4 = 5 
Year= 1994= 1+9+9+4= 23= 2+3 = 5 
Then add the 3 key numbers 2+ 5+5= 12= 1+2= 3

This number with all its related believes is supposed to be experienced in the life by the bearer of this bate of birth.

Just take a little time of your busy schedule to check what your lucky number is and you might be surprised what you will find