Scattered on the eyes man
Seeming disorganised to the mind.
Yet appealing to our concience.
Brightening the darkest gallows
Lightening the passion of the inner us.
Making us yearn for the howl of the wolf
The declaration of hearts.

Ye are the best seer.
Telling us fortunes unheard of,
Changing the dreams of our being.
Thus, the director of our destinies.
Handling the flow of emotions.
Emotions hidden in the crust of of our soluble hearts.
Corroding the selfish walls of our selfless path.

As we parade on the highways of sentiments.
Riding in chariots of care
Exerting thine beauty in our hearts.
Watering the pastures of love
The splendour of the first kiss.
We plead for thine exuberance.
Guiding and glowing our steps in splendid shades

The Haymaker © 2014