Ivorian police arrest 12 people for opening DJ Arafat’s Casket.

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The actions of some twelve persons during the burial of DJ Arafat has landed them in the hands of Ivorian Police. The said fans of the late DJ Arafat who died in a gory motorbike accident some weeks ago, stormed the cemetery where he was buried and allegedly opened his coffin.

In some trending videos on social media, some fans were captured opening his (DJ Arafat) coffin to check for tattoos in an effort to identify him after undressing the late musician’s body. The popular Ivorian DJ whose real name was Ange Didier Huon was 33 years old.

The occurrence were supposedly fueled by rumours and disbelief that he had really died however, the police were quick to make arrests. One aggrieved fan was quoted by AFP news agency saying, “We wanted to see the body of our idol before the tomb was sealed”.

According to a press statement by the Mayor of Abidjan, Vicente Tohbi Irie, what happened was “desecration of the tomb” and those 12 people arrested are being investigated he further stated that, “investigations will continue for the arrest of all culprits and to locate the responsibilities at all levels.”

DJ Arafat was one of the most popular African musicians in the Francophone world, and had been referred to as the “king” of coupé-décalé (cut and run), an Ivorian form of dance music.


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