I struggle to open my eyes
For I see what thee despises.
My feet hits the very soil of doom
As I thread over this world of gloom.
Hard I try to harken to thy words
But I find myself in the enemy’s webs.
Abba Father! the soul of my soul
Black is what I see in this pool of lonliness
My head whirls and swirls in this wind of craziness.
I yearn for thy face.

From afar I see the light,
Only to be blocked by the night.
Hallowed is thy name
But I ask if I’m sane?
Holy is thy work
But how close is thine clock?
Who comes to my rescue?
As filth claims to subdue.
Abba Father I wait on thee
Though I know not how to flee.
Entangled in the claws of the deciever
As I hope to be in the arms of the reciever.
For its all about Jesus.

The Haymaker © 2014