If only they can be held accountable

Observing most of the international news outlets like BBC and CNN over the last few weeks, you will realize that a particular news item keeps coming up with different headlines.

That is the derailment of a train in Taiwan. The incident that has since claimed the lives of about 49 people far. A number that that has been on the rise with each passing day.

With pain stricken hearts, the entire nation has been sent into mourning these past few weeks.

Sad as it is, this situation has called for very apt measures to salvage the situation as well as make people accountable for their actions and inactions in connection with the accident.

Paramount amongst them is the Taiwanese parliament demanding for the contractor of the railways be questioned.

This, though certainly will not bring back the lives lost, is step towards the right direction and is worth emulating by countries like Ghana where people seem to get away with a lot of things.

One can collate the number of bad roads in this country, all thanks to shambolic works by many of these contractors.

With many of these roads being political promises and constructed with very short time periods, quality will definitely be absent.

Others tend to leave construction materials like heaps of sand and stone etc by the road sides with no respect or concern for the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

This has led to countless road accidents claiming the lives of many. However, if the system allowed people to answer to their inefficiencies,a lot of these lives would have been saved.

It is believed that this approach will save the the government the hustle of making new policies and vague promises after every major accident on our roads.

It is time to let people answer for the great harm they cause to families and the nation at large.