I made my husband impotent after he lost his job.

Broke men are unattractive!

Marriage is indeed a long journey full of mysteries. It’s therefore not surprising when people choose to take the opposite direction when it comes to marriage.

A woman has lamented how her 7 year old marriage is about to fall into ruins due to her actions.

According to the narrator, she has been married for 7years and things had been great up until 2017 when the husband lost his job.

However, things didn’t take a bad turn swiftly since the man was able to contribute for about a year from his savings accrued over the period.

It was at this point things started to get difficult prompting the decision to stop being intimate with him either because of stress from work or from being the breadwinner now.

According to her, broke men unattractive so she decided to get help from and herbalist to stop her husband’s erection.

This way, she can enjoy her sleep when she comes home from work. The poor man was made to believe that his manhood was not working as a result of too much stress.

In this period she cheated on him with three different men but was sure to increase the “dose of impotence” anytime she felt movements in his boxers till he completely lost his election as she puts it.

As fate will have it, the husband has gotten a job and now able to cater for his house like before, much to the delight of his loving and caring wife.

She has now ended things with the three men she used for her escapades and visited the herbalist for a remedy to bring back her husband’s manhood but to no avail.

Visits to various hospitals including Men’s Hospital all turned out futile.

Sinnce the husband is attractive now, asking for help to resurrect her husband’s manhood and the happy days in her marriage.

Let’s know what you think and if you have any help 😉 for our lady in need.

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