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Getting up from bed alone,

Gives a kind of headache

Hearing the cock crow,

Tells you what the day has for you


Listening to the footstepsΒ  of co-tenants

Tells you there is something at stake

Oh no! here comes another day day of suffering

A pack of tired eyes welcomes your presence


A group of wanting-to-eat mouths shivering at you

Persuasions are no remedy to this group

Backs are burning, sweat, is thy only waterfall

Threading along all cardinal points


Hoping for the day’s chop chop

Waists swing in the unending up and down rhythm

Yearning to cultivate the denied soil

He that wishes not to shed away its soil


Two strikes and your hoe is blunt

For how long will this continue?

How long shall we go through this?

He that said “No pain no gain”


Spoke not out of tiredness

But re-tiredness from suffering to pampering

Suffer to gain now !! for comfort awaits across the river

You will break through your Hustle!!!!

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2 thoughts on “HUSTLE”

  1. These lines sends strong thoughtful and invoking feelings if life’s reality and truth…

    “Two strikes and your hoe is blunt
    For how long will this continue?
    How long shall we go through this?”

    Well done man!

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