How To Travel On A Budget

Do you remember the last time you run out of money when you hit the road? Either because your overspent your cash or did some impulse buying. The feeling of discomfort that goes with it is really not nice, not to talk of the fear of being stranded on your journey. Traveling on a budget should be one of the most exciting things to do, or don’t you think so?

Here Is How To Travel On A Budget:


Proactive Checks:

When you have to travel on a budget, make sure you have made all your checks with regards to prices of the transportation. You wouldn’t want to get to the train station or bus terminal and be surprised with the fare you have pay. You should also check out the different routes to your destination and see which of them the most convenient one is. So try to make all necessary inquiries about the fares of whichever transportation medium you are going to use for your journey.

Selection of most convenient medium:

Hey who wouldn’t want to travel in the best bus or the fly in the first class section of Boeing 707 lol.., I wouldn’t miss that opportunity at all. However I’ve got go according to my means but if I can afford that in your budget why not.  So after checking all prices and options of traveling you select the best one according to your description of convenience as far as money is concerned.

Pack up some snack:

I love to get myself busy always including my mouth, which is why I don’t do without my snacks on any journey. The real trick is that when you’ve got some snack with you, you don’t buy any and if you don’t buy, you save your money for the most important part of the journey. Simple trick right? Try it you will thank me later.

Resist Impulse Buying:

This is my ultimate rule, stick to the budget no matter how enticing an item may be. I motivate myself to avoid it by telling my mind that “after all it’s only a few hours journey and it wouldn’t hurt a fly if I don’t buy”. It can really get tempting at times and that’s where I fix my head phones close my eyes, lay back and enjoy some good tunes.


Catch a Free Ride or Walk Part of it:

When hit with the scare of running low on budget and that I might get stuck on the way, I walk some part of it if possible, to shorten the distance. Shorter distance, lesser money paid.

It’s sometimes actually good to walk especially when the cars are stuck in traffic. At the extreme levels, catch a free ride and save yourself the worry. However I’m very careful about who I ask for a ride and I suggest you do and don’t do that if you don’t feel comfortable.