How Right Can You Be?

Written by The Haymaker

Have you ever been in that awkward situation of trying so hard to explain yourself?  or how badly you wanted to prove that you were right? It takes not rocket science to know that arguments are bound to surface one way or the other however, how you carry yourself in such circumstances is the most important it.

People have been termed as being matured on many occasions not because they older but because of their way of handling issues. the bottom line is that no matter how right you can be, it sometimes better to take a step back and try to understand the other party’s point as well.
Must you always go the extra mile to prove your point? Have you thought about giving the other party something to think about when you leave him to his conscience? Why not give it a try, you will  see it’s quite a refreshing feeling.

In the job environment, employees get into  such situations either with coworkers or employers, the latter are always hard nuts to crack. The deal is that they might see it as a bruise on their ego then it becomes more of a power play even when they know they are wrong. Employers tend to treat situations like that as though you are questioning their authority and give you the “Mr Know all” tag. In as much as it is hard to live under such circumstance, it also gives you room to work knowing you have done you bit of telling stating thee right thing and wait on future to judge us.

Bottom line, you can’t always be right and even if you are, How right can you be? learn to be tolerant to the views of others.

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