Agoo! me ma hom akyeoo
I am the unwelcome guest
I come with the tongue of Odomankoma
He who has consecrated me me for this quest
He boils with fury
For his footstool is weary
Brethren!, why act like the chameleon?
The earth’s cry is worth a trillion

In this filth we claim our world
Though we hear the word
Blaming HIM for our worries
As though we throw not our cowries
Why rise where we die ?
Until when we we stop to lie?
Cursing the aged indoors
But we avail ourselves to the the legion of “Yareba”
)man yi y3 h3n man
Ghana y3 h3n daakye
Not only to Farkye
But also to Kwakye

The Haymaker © 2014