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Divine arts of the artistic hands
Made sacred by the phalengs of the carver
Beauty is its nature
The theory of pure african invention.
Never ecountering alteration since the begining of time
The heartbeat of village life
Surging through the dusky skies of Sundays.
Striking the heart of its accomplice.
With perfect calculations, hitting, squarely its middle.
Showing the technique of pure womanhood ,
As they drive it round
Pouring with sweat, the image if manhood.
“Wo y3 barimba” our congratulatory message
Children scatter at the taught of taste.
The unseperated mixture of nature
Depicting a natural combination of hormones
Such is the unity of black race
The Miracle Of Fufu

Note: fufu is a local dish in Ghana and other west african countries.Its made of a combination of boiled plantain and  cassava pounded together with a pestle and mortar

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