Surfing through thine beauties.
Fastening myself to your desireous theathre,
As the flood of emotions drain me
Exposing me to the wonders of your wonderland.
Spilling out the fuel of vengence.
Brightening the dugeons of insecurity.
Soaring high over the waves. Entering the domain of trust.
As I float on a petal.

Engulfing me with the fragrance of genuity.
Blocking the canals of ingenuity.
East dines with West as South kisses North.
But I’m lost between their flares and stares.
As night stretches to embrace the remains of day
With the salutes of a heroe’s welcome,
Marching on to its designated quadrant.
As dawn instils silence over all,
Supressing the desire to shout your name.
As I float on a petal.

Counting the seconds;my need of you.
Urging me to kidnap the moon
For she sees where i see not.
How long will my colours stay refreshed?
How far will it take me?
As the legion of “I miss you” bores wholes within.
How strong can it stay?
As I float on a petal.

The Haymaker © 2014