From the glows of the ancient skies
Burning through the nights of dragon flies
With the exuberance of sheer power
Lightening the deepest valleys with fire
Decorating the corridors of humanity
Causing glow in the iris on mankind
Naturing us with a mind of its own
Heavy scales worth leaving uncleaned
Exposing the trend of the inner us
Fighting with the will of the lamb
Yet stronger than the roar of a lion

Spicing up the reason of our being
I am the fireball
Ye are all audience in mine theatre
Deminishing the mighty to the stables
Guiding the weak to the castles
Granting the energy unheard of
I am the trap of envy
Her glorious ways my foothpath
Patience, my right hand general
Causing care for every breath
Call me the Fireball