Faded Shadow

Written by The Haymaker

I always get jealous when I see these girls
What do they even call themselves
With half clothes and heavy makeup
Almost naked and probably almost a new person
Their beautifully shaped eyebrows
Fake eyelashes and long painted nails
The colors on their faces
Reminds me of the rainbow after every rainfall
And the sunset I never get to see on such days
I want to be like them
A thought I can’t bare to bring to my lips
I’m modest or that’s what I’m made to believe
The preachers kid made holier than Mary
Singing along with the choir to touch lives and lift spirits
I am my mother’s daughter and my father’s pride
I walk in their shadows yet they call me strong
Mother says I would one day be like her
But I don’t
I don’t want to be like her
I want to be like them
They that have their pictures all over the cities
They that are not afraid to show their beautiful bodies to the world
They’re the ones I look up to
So I take pictures
Pictures I wouldn’t want anyone to see
Yes I’m scared
I’m half clothed with paintings on my face
One is enough
No…it isn’t…you’re beautiful don’t be shy
So I take another one and another one
And a few more
I’m getting obsessed with this
She tells me I’m beautiful…my subconscious
But my conscious tells me it isn’t right
So I’m afraid…afraid to display them like they do
I pack them and hide them in my closet
one day I’d get the courage to paste them on my wall
I flip through another of their pictures
I’m jealous I can’t have the life they have
But at least I’ve got my pictures in my closet

Amazing work by a unique writer  in the person of Freya Lori, known for her  splendid way of teasing the mind of her readers with a little touch of mystery . Visit or  you can check her out on all social media platforms @freyalori for more.

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