Facebook sued for snubbing over 2,600 “qualified” Americans during job recruitments.

Facebook accused of choosing immigrants over Americans

Facebook has been accused by the US Department of Justice for allegedly discriminating against American workers by giving hiring preferences to immigrants.

A lawsuit alleges over 2, 600 Americans who were qualified for various positions were refused by the social media giant during recruitment.

Those jobs instead went to foreigners on temporary visas, the lawsuit says.

Facebook disputed the allegations but said it was cooperating with the department.

The lawsuit concerns Facebook’s use of temporary H-1B visas, which are often used by tech companies to bring highly skilled foreign workers to the US.

In its lawsuit, filed on Thursday, the department alleged that Facebook “intentionally created a hiring system” that favored H-1B visa holders and other temporary workers over Americans.

The department said it filed the lawsuit after a two-year investigation into Facebook’s hiring practices.

The lawsuit seeks “back pay on behalf of US workers denied employment at Facebook” among other remedies.

“Our message to workers is clear: If companies deny employment opportunities by illegally preferring temporary visa holders, the Department of Justice will hold them accountable,” said Eric S Dreiband, the assistant attorney general for the department’s civil rights division

“Our message to all employers – including those in the technology sector – is clear: You cannot illegally prefer to recruit, consider, or hire temporary visa holders over US workers.”

Source: BBC