The Haymaker

Egya Atta

Written by The Haymaker

Awer3how nye h3n redzi apempem
Our eyes still flood with your memories
Clothing our minds with remembrance
As our hearts fold itself to mourn
Egya Atta we miss thine smiles.
Leaving us we prayed it never came
Our mouths just seems too heavy to bid its farewell.

Ye gave us the reason to hope.
Ghana sat on your lap
As you natured it with peace
Asomdwee hen y3 ma mbo
Death has done its worse
But you still live with us
Your fight for nation runs in our veins.

Your crave for justice
Our light as Ghanaians
We shall sing your name without scratches
Clearing our nation from vices
We shall build on your chances
We pray you ride on peaceful tides
As you join the party of our ancestors.

All copyrights reserved Haymaker ©2015

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