Dr Cryme ties the knot with his long time fiancee

Written by The Haymaker

The decision to finally settle down with a partner for life is by no means an easy one to make. Many are those that fear the slightest chance of making the wrong choice for life. Whereas for others, it’s about trusting your guts that you’ve got it right.

Whatever the case may be, the “TwiPop” singer, Dr Cryme has finally crossed that border.

The Tema based singer/rapper has over the weekend secured his exit from the bachelorhood club . The white ceremony was graced by the presence of friends and family, strictly by invitation with no press presence as well.

DCryme and friends

The couple placed high priority on invitation as its been gathered that security was very tight with all gates locked, not making room for people around the vicinity to even catch a glimpse of the marriage proceedings.

The new groom with friends

Source: Ghbase.com

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