Does Your Body Really Cool Down After Taking A Cold Shower In A Hot Weather?

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The feeling and discomfort that comes with hot nights are sometimes indescribable. Sweaty bodies coupled with moments of uneasiness all come together to drive dear sleep away.

99 percent of the time, the best option is a long cold shower to drive out all the heat. However, does it really work that way? or it’s just a myth?

Well, here goes the facts:

Yes, the cold baths will grant your wish of cooling the body almost immediately after the bath, BUT you are most likely going to feel a lot worse after that a while.

Our core temperature is what essentially dictates our body’s actions and reactions to external temperature. Therefore, when it is cold out, less blood is sent close to the skin, in order to keep in our bodies as much heat as possible. Hence the reason for looking pale in cold weather.

The reverse of that happens during hot weather. The body is ultimately cooled down when blood is sent close to the skin. This is to enhance opening skin pores, sweat pumping out, getting evaporated, and cooling the body down.

Taking a cold shower snaps those pores shut so while we feel cooler immediately, that internal core temperature is locked within us. So within a few minutes of taking the shower, you’ll actually feel hotter than you did before you took it.

As weird as it sounds, the truth is you are actually better off taking a warm shower, you will feel better for it in the long run.