Nananom we salute you ayekoo!!
The cockrel praises thee kokokrokoo!!
Thine sweat of pain
Our pool of comfort
Egyanom we praise thine prowess
Founders of our feets
Weilders of our hearts
Carriers of our sanity
Y3ma hom mbo

A glance upon the road saddens us
The routs of our journey nakeds us
We steer off thine holy course
We thread on the boulevard of enyimguase
For we are deprived of ahobrase
Fumbling with the treasure you gave us
As insecurity clothes us
Leak into us the supreme aho)dzen
Awww we lack thine cleanliness )dzendzen

From the dying glow comes the fire
Rain upon us Okokroko
Thine seeds lurks somwhere
Plough us into the womb of fertility
As we hope to be the geniuses of daakye
For the infilterators slurps our amanbra
Yeilding the weapon of nkabom
We crave to wipe out the traitors
For sunlight hopes in us Daakye Mba

The Haymaker ©2014