Thy beauty exerts total pleasure,

Inside-out you carry the fruit of ecstasy,

A fine blessing to mankind,

Sentencing me to the corridors of excitement,

Your being, my total essence of being.

Forever I bless the maiden encounter,

Showing me the wonders of the true world,

Where only you remains Igwe

How can they say you don’t exist?

When I’ve been branded by your lips.

Making me your true reflection,


In your presence all my troubles melt like butter ,

Welcoming the wonders of hilarious adventures,

I yearn for Your taste i me each passing second.

With you, I am the greatest inventor

Moving in the patterns the best dancer dares not try,

Composing the tunes of music,

The best composer never knew.

Thy absence makes me the emptiest canon,

Shaking like the tattered flag of Santiago.

You rock my world.

Oh my sweet palmwine