I have kept quiet for days
Or is it for ages?
Contemplating on what I see
I have kept mute over what I have heard
I smell disgust in the belly of the pure
But I have kept quiet.

Even with my undercloth faded and exposed,
I have still kept quiet.
With the gong gong beater shouting his lungs out
I have still kept quiet
Rising up to see the hungry loins of the crawling ones
I still keep quiet.

The very tree I suck my first breast under
Is being turned into charcoal
But I still keep quiet.
Choking the lungs of the unborn
With the remains of pollution
Corroding the white walls with impurity
But I still keep quiet.

I have been quiet
For ages I have been quiet.
Quietness is death

I have been quiet
All I can do is to stare.
Death has made is so.

All copyrights reserved Haymaker ©2015