Behold the world of lies ,

He that engulfs us with the thirst for truth,

Truth the hidden treasure we seek

Upon wonders of the self imposed modernity

Sorrowful welcome awaits at the end of the this journey

Ye boast of all wonders and riches

Discarding the tool of the Giver.

Your magnificence the product of Lie



Unholy is the holy,

For thou blindfolds us with evil.

Enriching your pockets from the tattered pockets,

Proclaiming virtue yet portraying vice

As shepherds you lead as to the predator

Clothed in supposed purity, marked with indelible Lies

Guiding us with the law

Yet denying us life



Luring us for the power of oUr thumb

Driving us on the boulevard of falacies

For the comforts of your suits

We dread laying eyes upon your existence

Yet repeating for your sweet nectar of lies

Born into the pool of lies

Drowning into the midst of it

Surging and floating on its waves

Decorating our shores with different shades of lies

Leading and ending the thread of humanity.

So shall we dance to its tune

For the way to carry our heads home is to LIE

The Haymaker ©2014