Clinking and clanking in my compound
Seeking to hold me down
Burning with what I despice
It decorates my compound
Flashing my woes in my face
It grows to keep me lame
The chains of sin pins me down

Pushing and dragging me into the realm of its own
Smashing and toturing me
In the blackness of it’s arena
Coating my heart with its paint
In its gallery im posted

Marching into the unknown
The light I had not known
Comes over me not as loan
But permanent badge of deliverance.
Leaking out my evils
Into the cup of purity
As the chain of salvation bonds me.

In the clouds I dine
As my mercies come from the vine
Freeing my lungs with joy
As I sip from the cup of holiness
Glowing in its magnificence
As the chain of perseverance surrounds me.

Haymaker ©2015