Cape Coast is ready for a historic PANAFEST celebration – Osaabarima Kwesi Atta IV

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This year promises to be one of the busiest ever in the history of Ghanaian tourism. 2019 happens to be the 400th year after slaves from the shores of Ghana then Gold Coast were transported to various places around the world including the Caribbean, United States Of America, Southern and Northern America.

As such, the annual Pan African Historic Festival organized by the PANAFEST Secretariat has received a very significant boost to complement the special celebration.

From all indications, can say that we can expect a historic celebration after witnessing a Local Organizing Committee meeting at Emintsiminadze Palace chaired by Osaabarima Kwesi Atta IV, Omanhen of Oguaa Traditional Area.

Chairman of Panafest Secretariat Rabai Kohain Halevi Nathanya confirmed to that strategic steps have been taken to make this year’s celebration the largest PANAFEST celebration in the 21st century.

He continued that with no doubt, the addition of the Year Of Return Celebration has increased the magnitude of the event as well as giving it very high exposure.

Also, every member of the local organizing committee is working with the prime objective of executing their duties to fulfill all expectations.

On how the Oguaa Traditional Council is also approaching this historic event, Osaabarima Kwesi Atta IV emphasized that this year is obviously different due to the inclusion of the Year of Return Celebration by the government.

As a result the traditional council has started sensitization exercise to inform and educate the populace about the event and make them aware of the great number of visitors expected to be present in town during the time.

He also said that, there has been cleanup activities done and will be continued to better position the ancient capital to do an excellent job.

Both parties expressed extensively that, PANAFEST is for all and so the general public should also endeavor to participate actively.

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