Best friend cut out by woman for “stealing” name of her future daughter.

Written by The Haymaker

In some bizarre circumstance, a woman wants to seize being friends with her long time best friend after the latter “stole” the name she had chosen for her future daughter.

The woman in question took to the social media platform Reddit to ask if she is right to cut out her best friend from her life for such an act.

She explained that the name was suggested by her mum some years ago and she liked it very much. Her mother has since passed on and that makes the name all too special and unique for her.

She told her best friend all of these only to find on Facebook recently that, her pregnant best friend had chosen the same name for her unborn child.

When questioned why she did that even though she knew the name was special to her, the best friend responded that it’s only a name. Moreover, since she got pregnant first, she can choose it too.

The bottom line is that although she is not pregnant or expecting to be anytime soon, she feels robbed because she chose the name first.


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