Sailing on the wide ocean,
As the sun rises to give its tution.
Into the world we both wish;
For we crave for love to be our dish.
Come sail with me;
For into your dreams I come to thee.

Against the tides we will sail;
As your name the fishes hail.
In your arms I pray to see the sun set;
Cos’ in your true loved is kept.
In joy I whistle my heart away.
For I know love is coming my way.

With trust as my oar;
I promise to make you my all.
Masting my sail of patience;
I intend waiting for my quotations.
This day, I never thought
That I will be fed love from the broken pot.

Come now my heart
For I fear no wrath.
Not of men
As I care not when.
From the land of love I hear my call
Cos’ on its bay, I drop my anchor.

Haymaker © 2015.