Ajoa Kick Starts The Year With New Single “Makoma”.

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Yet another banger is being cooked from the camp of Top Ten Lable after serving us with great love tunes in 2018. Last year the record label unveiled the dazzling songstress Ajoa as their new signee. They promised to serve the music ears something different and special. So far it, it has been nothing short of that.

Ajoa released her debut single Wasted Love last year to the amusement of many in the Central Region and beyond. The song enjoyed great air-play and was listed as one of the most played songs in the region since its release. She topped it up with couple of renditions along the line including the famous oldies collection.

This year, Ajoa opens her account with another love melody titled Makoma, produced by Eka 1. The yet to be released song talks about the matters of heart and the dealings of love.

Her manager Eka 1, disclosed that the new single will be released on the first day of the month of love, 1st February, 2019. He further urged all the fans of “Miss Melody” to stay tight and be ready to be treated to sweet tunes.

Could it be that the songs Wasted Love and Makoma are telling a true story? Well it’s up to you to decide. Follow Ajoa on all social media platforms @Ajoa Official

Watch this space for all the latest updates.

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