1. Name and brief educational background

My name is Kumi William Du Bois Yaw Sakyi, Koo Kumi is my stage name. I am an undergraduate at the Ghana Institute of Journalism reading for  a Bachelor In Arts (communication) specializing in journalism. I traveled outside my hometown for some of my Primary and Secondary education. I went to St Paul’s at Kwawu to study General Arts but moved to Mampong Presec to study visual art . I graduated from SHS in 2013.

2. Ever dreamt of becoming a poet?

And how far has the journey far with poetry been? The title or name poet is something I never call myself but as the saying goes “your works will speak for you” I allow people who listen and read my works to call me a poet. The journey has not been a very smooth one. In poetry, Ghanaian poetry sector, you will have to strive to survive. There have been very wonderful days and bad days but life goes on and So the days grows it gets better. Some really appreciate your effort but some really don’t want to care, that’s how it is Topsy turvy

3. What has been the inspirational in writing poetry?

My inspiration comes from everything
(Natural and artificial).
Life experiences . Most of the poems I write in a way are 90% true. I am a realist writer. Its just creativity..there is a difference between talented and gifted. Total inspiration comes from God almighty.

4. Why not any other genre but poetry?

“Poetry, My Alchemy” that’s my second published anthology.
I couldn’t write simple easy without using compressed sentences as we use in poetry. I couldn’t write a novel.
I see things differently and I hardly speak so I chose poetry to do my Talkings for me.. its a life changer. Poetry is my Alchemy.

5. Was he or she expecting to win any of this noble honorary award?
Awards are awarded base on your works. If your works meet the criteria, I think you should win except maybe there are strings attached. I for one didn’t expect anything because even the work selected wasn’t edited and it was written as a freestyle to keep my blog busy. I thank God it met the criteria.

6. How far has poetry transformed his life?

Poetry is my Alchemy.
I have been changed or transformed psychologically, physically and spiritually.
I understand the world differently which I am very happy to be different due to my poetry. Its my elixir of life.

7.  Does poetry in our parts of the world (Africa) get enough support?

No it doesn’t. You do the striving and struggling and wait on the face of the Lord or gods for a breakthrough.

8. How best has social media boost his poetry writings?
I was named one of the 100 influential Ghanaians on twitter last year because of my constant poetry related posts. I had a very amazing traffic last year. Social media is my office despite my home office. I market myself there, I generate ideas from there that’s where you guys met me.

9. What have been some of the challenges so far as a poet?

Funding and publicity.
That’s my challenge. Publicity is gradually been controlled in a way. Life’s for the living we keep on moving even though we are challenged

10. What comments can his make to those who have supported him to this far?

Silver or precious stones, gold and diamonds I may not have to give but their names will be written in my heart and my history book. They helped me shape. They inspired and supported so I will say thank you. And for some few people who never supported the movement.. its all thanks I offer.

I won’t mention names.. you know you have supported me so I say “Thank You very much”

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