5 Ways To Style Your Home With Patterned Rugs

Some people do it just so right with patterned rugs , with perfect color blending that sets the mood so perfectly. If you want your room or any space to look splendid with patterned rugs, then you should take note of the tips below. The tips explains how to effectively style patterned rugs in your home.



Its important to understand colour mixing and know that the colours you choose for your colourful rug should reflect your lifestyle. The colour of the rag should be captivating enough if that is its intended purpose. For instance in the bathroom or bedroom, you wouldn’t want a patternful rug with loud colours but rather soft ones to make be in line with the softness of the place.


In a case where you are to have more than one rugs at a particular place at the same time, ensure to have a blend of both large and small patterns. This is to prevent having two main broad patterned rugs at the same place to ensure that the detail of both rugs are easily identified.



Get for yourself a colourful patterned rug to get mood alive in your dining room, this especially suitable with a white themed dining hall. If possible get a rug with bigger source coverage than the dining hall table and I bet you will love it.


Your selection of where to place the rug is very important, you should ensure that the rug is in sync with the location, example in a room with arts filled wall, a broader rug with colourful theme is best used when placed beneath.



Get a nice themed patternful rug for your plants. If you have some potted plants around, then it will be perfect to have a rug beneath them on the floor. Think about the greens with a cheerful patternful rug, just perfect.