Aaaw!!!Bueeeiii!!!!! Adze ay3 h3n ooooo!!!! Oh my soul saddens and coils Which part are we heading? Hitting us with differerent shades of trouble. Each night and day I cry my lungs out. Is this the expense of modernity? Is this the promise of modernity? Oh I wish and yearn for cowries, A time of true […]


                      I Sailing on the misteries of human existence Blinded and confused by the waves of dear life Yet meandering through. with the gift of peristence Seeking the pieces of this non-ending puzzle Thus ending in this pool of nowhere Chasing the light I never saw, But pushed by the wind. I always crave Fighting […]


From the dusty corridors of the village, Staring at the rusty roofs of my modern hut, With a bleak of light tearing through with the force of Zeus. The innovator’s motivation the fuel of inspiration. Threading on the sole pleasure of true african heritage. Sweet flow of emotions through the scribbling of the great poets. […]


                      I Divine arts of the artistic hands Made sacred by the phalengs of the carver Beauty is its nature The theory of pure african invention. Never ecountering alteration since the begining of time The heartbeat of village life Surging through the dusky skies of Sundays. Striking the heart of its accomplice. With perfect calculations, […]