2-year old Ugandan boy survives after being swallowed and spat out by hippopotamus

A 2-year-old Ugandan boy has been swallowed in half and spat out by a rogue hippopotamus.

According to The New Vision a Ugandan news hub, the young boy was playing alone lakeside in the town of Katwe Kabatoro before being snatched by the animal.

Other news outlets like NY Post and Daily_loud page on twitter, also reports, the boy was swallowed whole before being spat out.

Thankfully, before the hippo was able to digest the child a quick-thinking bystander rained rocks at the animal, causing it to vomit the boy back up.

The child was rushed to the local hospital and and has since been treated for his injuries.

This is how some social media users reacted to the news.

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